Web Technology

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Web Development Process

Our creative, yet scientific and systematic approach towards web development ensures a comprehensive solution. A thorough study of every project helps us to deliver the project with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency. Different stages of web development process are:

  • 1) Discovery
  • 2) Planning
  • 3) Content Architecture
  • 4) Design
  • 5) Development
  • 6) Testing
  • 7) Launch
  • 8) Promotion

Information Architure

In recent times information architecture has proved its worth by delivering quality solutions as it has changed the face of many organisations. It is a crucial part of project delivery as it controls the flow of information or how well different modules are connected and how effectively they are being presented to the end user. Our engineers ensures visibility of every critical information to the user with minimum efforts from him.

Web Tools

Our team is well versed with the latest technology and is equipped with latest web tools. We choose the tools carefully while developing a project. We ensure that every solution delivered has wide scope and scalability.

Web 2.0

Stand for second generation of World Wide Web. It refers to its transformation from static HTML to more dynamic web application where emphasis is on open sharing of information and more communication between web users.

UI Development

At Infovinity user interface for every application is chosen with reasoning of easy to use and sustainable information architecture. It is developed for an easy transition between different modules of the application.


HTMl 5's most remarkable features are media playback and offline storage. We try to incorporate these features in our coding techniques to make the code optimized and effective.


PHP and MySQL pool to be an easy yet effective way to create dynamic web pages that truly interact with your visitors. With the addition of PHP and MySQL one can collect data, create specific content, and much more.

LAMP Architecture

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL PHP; it is free and open source program which is idle for serving multiple requests simultaneously. With profound customization skills this application can deliver the required results with much dynamism. Infovintiy have mastered the complete architecture of LAMP and have successfully delivered the projects to its esteemed clients.

Web Services

Web services is standardised process of integrating web based applications using the, SOP, XML, WSDL etc. Unlike traditional client server models it allows different web applications to inter communicate without involvement of any heavy coding and is independent of any particular platform such as operating systems or browsers as well.


Web Description Service Language is an XML formatted language developed jointly by IBM and Microsoft.


SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol, a lightweight XML-based messagingprotocol which encodes the information in Web service request and response messages before sending them over a network. SOAP messages are independent of any operating system or protocol and may be transported using a variety of Internet protocols, including SMTP, MIME, and HTTP.


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Database Security

Database security apprehends the procedure of a broad range of information security controls to protect databases (the data, database systems, applications or stored values, servers and the attached network links) against of their confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We understand how crucial a project is for the organization as a whole and its security is major concern and anything suspicious can turn out to be a biggest nightmare for the organization.Infovinityintegratesall the security measures to keep your database safe.

Database Architecture

The database architecture is the replica of actual set of rules, specifications and processes that commands how data is accessed in a database and how data is stored by components of a system. It includes naming conventions, data types and relationships. It affectsscalability, integrity, reliability, and performance. The database architecture involves anything that gives the blue print of how data is managed, stored, or its communication flow. Our experts firstdiscuss different blueprint with client and then start implementing it in the actual process application.