Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is an advanced web service that provides resizable and scalable compute capacity in the cloud. For high-end, professional web developers, Amazon EC2 is designed to provide easy and hassle-free web scale computing. At Infovinity, we specialize in Amazon EC2 integration, delivering you unmatched benefits of this advanced web service to leverage upon.

This simple and intuitive web service interface allows developers to obtain and configure capacity with minimalist friction, and also provides complete control on computing resources. It also reduces the time necessary for obtaining and booting new server instances to minutes, providing you the opportunity to quickly scale the capacity as per your changing computing requirements.

Service Highlights


Our Amazon EC2 services are especially designed to meet your unique computing requirements and budget in the most precise manner. Depending on your changing computing needs, you can change your Amazon EC2 consumption capacity quickly and easily. Amazon EC2 is exceptionally elastic in nature, and you can change the capacity intake anytime, depending on your changing needs and objectives of cloud computing.

Completely Controlled

By allowing us to integrate Amazon EC2 web service interface into your system, you enjoy complete control on all computing resources. You have access to each instance, and can efficiently interact with them. At the same time, you can stop an instance and still retain the data on boot partition, and then restart it again using web service APIs. Computing instances can also be rebooted remotely with the aid of web service APIs. You also have control on console output of your instances.


With Amazon EC2, you have multiple choices in instance types, software packages, and operating systems. It allows you to choose configuration of memory, instance storage, CPU, and size of boot partition that is just right for your operating system and application.

Designed for use

: Amazon EC2 web service works in combination with Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service and Amazon SimpleDB. It helps in providing a comprehensive solution for query processing, computing, and storage across different applications.


With Amazon EC2, Infovinity provides a reliable environment to facilitate predictable and rapid commissioning of replacement instances. It runs on Amazon's proven datacenters and network infrastructure.


Amazon EC2 works in relation to Amazon VPC for providing highest level of security and robust networking functionality for diverse computing resources.


The web service solution is also inexpensive in nature, adding to your budget convenience. With Amazon EC2, you have to pay an unbelievably lower rate for computer capacity that you actually consume.

Easy to Start

Get started to Amazon EC2 with Infovinity and choose pre-configured software on Amazon Machine Images. It is easy to start and you can quickly deploy the software to active functioning of EC2.