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Infovinity is one of the leading e-commerce development companies, zealous about to serve excellent services at budgeted cost. iSTORE gives great thrust to your existing business, with its inbuilt characteristics of being flexible, easy to customize, scalability, multi payment gateway support, SEO friendly URL's and much more . iSTORE boosts your sales, cut-off on operating overheads and brings overall business efficiency.


Online Ecommerce (B2B, B2C) Storefront Solutions


Easy to Customize

No matter how big or small your business may be, iSTORE can be customised as per your requirement with ease. It can be customized depending upon your business, geographical locations, currency, products, tax rates, product management and much more. It is designed to provide customized user sections so that to stay in sync with the ever changing customer expectations.


Be it an update in existing technology or birth of new technology, iSTORE is flexible enough to update itself as per technological and business changes. We believe in the say "survival of the fittest", iStore has proven its worth every time by operating proficiently in different business models. Its cross industry implementation has given this product a global dimension.

User-friendly Shopping Cart

One of the prime features of iStore is its user interface. We have designed the user interface by keeping in mind the existing user behaviour, we have made sure that user feels as if he is walking live in a store and can add/remove/manage products in its shopping cart. Quality virtual display of products has made the iStore stand apart in the crowd of shopping portals.


The inbuilt scalabitly has made iStore a global product which is suitable for all size organizations. It can handle multiple product catalogues and users. Every user is provided with a unique shopping experience of customizing the cart/store for future purchases as well. It has the capacity of handling small store to multi country online portals under one hood.

W3C-Compliant Storefront

InfovnityiStore is a global product on E-Commerce System using latest technologies like Web 2.0, HTML5, CSS3 with some advanced open source technologies which are especially designed for e-Commerce solutions. Our iStore E-Commerce Solution helps you to seamlessly set up a digital storefront with an exclusive shopping experience and enables you to sell your products directly to the end-customers. It leads to better value for money for you and your clients and better profits for you after all.

Our products help you in the following ways:

  • Very User-friendly
  • Easy Shopping Cart
  • Easy to Customize
  • Easy to use
  • Robust & Secure
  • Multi level payment gateways support
  • Social Media basedcustomization
  • Value for money

Social Media Applications

Recent trend in social media has changed the trends of marketing. Effective presence on social media sites can boost the output of organizations many folds. Istore has in-built features of social media application; these applications can make your product famous in virtual world and can generate more sales than any other media of marketing.

Robust & Secure

Security is very frequently mentioned as one of the pre-conditions for the faster growth of e-commerce. There are a number of reasons why security vulnerabilities arise in shopping cart and online payment systems. The reasons are not exclusive to these systems, but their impact becomes much greater simply because of the wide exposure that an online website has, and because of the financial nature of the transactions. Payment web application users and application systems requires a combination of administrative, technological and physical controls. So, for that Infovinity iStore provides independent security analysis services for companies or organisations for developing, operating or purchasing such software systems. Infovinity iStore will help your company establish security policies and procedures to enable the entire business to protect critical business information.

Multi-Payment Gateways Support

Mutli payment gateway support With the increase in new communication and technology methods world is turning into a global village. People can buy and order goods from any part of the world. Istore gives you the facility of integrating different payment gateway options for a smooth and secure transaction for your customers.

SEO-friendly Store

Search engines keep on updating their search algorithms for a fair competition in market. iStore has inbuilt SEO friendly algorithms which are easily customizable for a better visibility on search engines like Google, BING, Yahoo etc. iStore interface is designed in such a way that every added product can be updated with targeted keywords for a better search and visibility.

Multilingual & Multi-Currency Options

Infovinitye-commerceproduct is multilingual that makes it easy to run multilingual e-commerce sites withiStore. The plugin streamlines the translation process you need to translate the texts and all products; categories and variations are created automatically for you.

InfovinityiStore, provides a full ecommerce solution, a significant amount of custom code is required to provide the exact functionalitythat you are looking for. This includes:

  • Easy to create new sites for future brands
  • Different currencies for each brand
  • Different language for each brand
  • Different prices per domain
  • Multiple cost currencies
  • Multiple price currencies
  • Different credit card options and prices per domain

Salient Features

Product Catalogue Management

We understand the value of instant upload of products on e-commerce portals. We have designed iStore in a manner where products can be managed with a blink of an eye. Instant price changes, discount coupons, product images, Bulk order discount, future save options are inbuilt in iStore.

Banner Management

Every organization wants to be at zenith of it business industry, iStore incorporates all required features like marketing, inventory, sales etc. for realization of company goals. With multiple brands under one roof one feels the requirement of professional banner management service. Istore's banner management is fully dynamic and customized and apart from fixed banner, it provides banner management features' on individual product pages and landing pages.

Social Media Applications

Recent trend in social media has changed the trends of marketing. Effective presence on social media sites can boost the output of organizations many folds. Istore has in-built features of social media application; these applications can make your product famous in virtual world and can generate more sales than any other media of marketing.

Sales Promotions & Campaign Management

Marketing strategies can change the destiny of any organization. Even a right marketing strategy may not be effective if the means to deploy it are not chosen wisely. Istore provides a scientific way of sales promotion and campaign management for targeting the potential customers. Campaign management can be strategized by pulling out previous reports of portal and campaigns can be optimized for better results.

e-Coupon Management

Apart from engaging new customers iStore provide you the facility of engaging YOUR PREVIOUS/EXISTING CUSTOMERS AS WELL. Special discount coupons or e-coupons can be distributed to set of dedicated users (prime customers) or potential customers. Coupons can be generated as per the festive season and geographical regions. Inbuilt demography features can help you target the specified age group and gender for product promotion.

Online Order Status Reporting

Istore provides you the facility of creating user account where user can check its order history and preferred future cart. They can keep a live track of their orders, iStore has inbuilt facility of tracking down order numbers, customer can always check the whereabouts of its order and can set the preferred timings of delivery as well.

how it works

For today's consumer who is constantly battling with the clock to find time, iStore helps in ordering products online and delivers them right to his doorstep, eliminating the need to stand in a beeline for hours to buy a product. It is so easy for your customers to shop with a well organized iStore shop. Customers can search for the products they look for and place the order by selecting them from the smart shopping gallery. The payment can be easily made through a secure payment gateway.


Retail & FMCG

Electronics, Books & Gifts

Lifestyle Products

Fashion Apparel

Software Products

Services and much more


  • Improved market reach
  • Enhanced online presence
  • Increased sales conversions
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Increased profit margins