Multimedia Technology

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Design Dilemma

There are at least three different kinds of design involved in a multimedia project:

Media Design
- Visual Design (still image & video),
Audio Design
- Extremely complex, specialists available
Software Design - Software architecture, standard frameworks, design patterns
- Extremely complex, specialists available
- Intersection with media design specialists: almost zero
Interaction Design
- Man-machine interaction, usability, accessibility
- Complex, but only a few specialists available
- Intersection mostly either with Media Design or with Software Design specialists

Development Process

Our multimedia development process consists of scientific approach using which multimedia applications are integrated with existing system/application architecture with much precision. Once integration is achieved a thorough review of the project is done to test the steadiness of desired output.

- Integration Planning
- MM Asset Production
- Integration and Composing
- Edit - Compile - Test
- Rendering

3D Animation & Modeling

Our team of with right bend of creativity and knowledge can create effective animations and models for your project. Be it industrial presentations, product displays, architectural renders, on- line marketing projects etc. we can deliver it with much precession and accuracy .

Interactive CD / DVD

An interactive CD/DVD, without a doubt, is a major advantage when you're marketing a product/service/company to a niche audience in order to create awareness about your brand. Easy to distribute, it is very useful for in-house presentations, business conferences, marketing your products & services. Not only we can reproduce any number of copies as per your requirements, we can also help your with a custom print on the CD to give it that fine finish.

3D Virtual Tour

Infovinity have a rich portfolio of creating virtual tours for projects like sports complex, housing societies, laboratories, hotels, hospitals etc. We reproduce the exact replica of original structure so that the user experiences the reality at ease.

Multimedia Tools Use

Tools can play a vital role in developing a project. Our team chooses the best tools available to highlight the finest of details in a project, some of them are

- Integration Planning
- 3D Studio max
- Maya
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Sound Forge
-Blaze Media Pro
- Electric RaIn

- Flash AS2, AS3.0
XML, XSLT, Javascript
- Audacity
- Director
- Mootools

Flash Design

Flash has ruled the industry for a long time now. Most applications which require rich content (audio, visual) representation and smooth transition are developed in Flash, a smart integration of flash in complete site architecture can make it more presentable and appealing.

Flash Website & Presentation

If you are targeting high visual quality website then Flash is the answer. It will give your users an unforgettable experience and its smart use can increase the footfall on your website. With years of experience in web solutions our engineers have mastered the technique of developing impressive flash websites.

Flash Banner

We know that browsers cannot read flash and that sometimes can be a drawback, if whole website is developed in Flash. But an insolent integration of banners can take the visual experience of website to the next level.


Web Based Tutorials(WBT)

We can create impressive web based tutorials with an impressive mix of audio visual components. This can act as an instant boost for your content quality. It will leave a long lasting impact on the user and act as an interactive method of learning.

Computer Based Tutorials

A computer based tutorial can be created with much ease as it will not be interacting with different web applications. Infovinity specialize in creating such course materials and ensures that such tutorials are self-explanatory and require minimum input from teaching staff.