Finance & Banking

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Serving Financial and Banking Segments

As market moves, competition and technological developments lead in extraordinary changes in the financial services business, companies needs to gear up to meet new challenges that will help them stay competitive. At the same time, financial or banking institutions must hold on to an increasing number of rigid guidelines to guard against a marked increase in the number and nature of risks. Financial institutions must not only find new things and strategies to learn but also get In a similar way to beat the competition. They must harness new skills and precision to provide superior customer services and modernize internal processes.

Banking and Financial Segments We Serve

from touch point to base 24, our team brings proven expertise in retail banking products spanning multiple functional areas.

Branch Banking: Account opening and maintenance, retail investment services, and branch network strategy.

Core banking: Back office operations and infrastructure.

Customer care: Data marts (Customer value management and retail profitability)

Online banking: Account management, EBPP and investments.

Financial Services

Providing economic services encompassing in a broad range of organization with money management including credit unions, banks, credit card, insurance and accounts companies.

  • Financial Services
  • Online Transaction Processing
  • Real Time Payment Systems
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Customers Portals for Account management
  • E-Invoicing

Wholesale Banking

The credit crisis put a spotlight on liquidity, cash management and operational efficiency. Our solutions optimize core lending processes across the entire value chain.

  • Consumer Lending
  • Auto Loans
  • Loan servicing
  • Origination and processing
  • Educational Loans
  • Solutions for U.S. federal and private student loan service planning the full value chain
  • Mortgages
  • Loan servicing and Analytics
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Secondary Marketing
  • STP loan Origination and Processing

Why Choose Infovinity:

  • Extensive Industry Level Experience: Our expert team comes with the vast background of e-Learning development. It is true that to err is human, but our experience can always eliminate the possibilities of common errors and problems faced while development a Learning Management System.
  • Process Driven Approach: We believe that any project or product can only be successful if it is formulated with process driven approach. A complete wireframe of the portal with the list of possible roadblocks and its solution is what we always prepare before working on any project.
  • Array of Pricing Models: Customization is the new concept in any market and web service industry cannot be untouched by that. As our clients ask for the customized and user specific service, we also define the separate price model according the project and client requirement.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Nothing is permanent and as the cyber user behavior is evolving: so as the web technologies. This fact makes it all the more necessary to develop a product flexible and scalable which can cater to future possible user requirement and technology. Our process driven approach will definitely have the required flexibility and scalability.
  • Guaranteed Value Creation: Creating product and delivering the project is not our vision. We believe in value creation and out complete web solution can help you to just not only develop a cutting edge e-Learning portal but also will help you to create the value in the industry as well.
  • Industry recognized: We use industry recognized tools and technologies to deliver the e-Learning portal. The LMS developed by Infovinity will be compatible with most of the other tools and available technologies in the industry.

Quality Assurance: We verify the quality of our services and solutions with different tools that uses imitation technology and can simulate a customer's large system environment. If there is a malfunction we swiftly analyze the cause of malfunction by using our traceability system that allows us to get to such information as the time and place of assemblage, and the result of pre-shipment check up.

How Infovinity can help you: Infovinity comes with a vast background of LMS development and e-Learning portal development. We not only focus on technology and development but we believe in the process, vision and value creation. Our expert Online Education portal development team can not only provide you the tool to manage the cyber education system but we can help you to achieve the vision and implement the concept.