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With every passing year technology has proved its worth in every segment, during last pne decade technology has changed the face of traditional education system. A new era of oline education and information sharing has begun. Infovinity can help you to go global and bridge the gap between you and your students. Now you can spread education to even remote areas with just a click.

LMS Development and Solutions

Infovinity specializes in developing learning management system. We can develop and customize complete structure with much appreciated user experience and functionality. Our team has expertise in installing/customizing open source LMS like moodle, eFront, Sakai etc. We can create special content for such LMSand some of the basic features would be

  • Visually striking interface
  • Very fast and modern as it is Ajax enabled
  • Unicode, LDAP and SCORM supporting
  • Multilingual
  • Advanced security characteristics

Course and CMS implementation

LMS requires a special format content normally SCORM, Infovinity can create the whole content in SCROM (which is the standard format for LMS) so that it becomes independent of Browsers and operating systems in use. It makes the system more global and accessible on every technological platform. WE create our own CMS i.e Content Management System which can be successfully integrated with other third party applications as well.

E-Learning portal Development

Do you dream of expanding your horizon? Well you have chosen the right technology partner; Infovinity can create a platform of global reach where communication is no barrier, with every single click user can get desired information in no time. We can develop your e-learning portal with features such as:

How can Infovinity help you?

If you are looking for a professional technology service partner who can take care of all your technological requirements for a long run then we are just a call away. Get in touch with our team at xxxxxxxxx to fix an appointment with our experts to discuss your project with much depth. We can provide the customized solutions for your business at your door step; its time you start focusing on your organization goals and we take care of technological infrastructure.

Why you choose Infovinity?

Extensive industry level experience: Infovinity has a rich portfolio of 300+ clients in nearly every vertical of the business world. Our cross industry experience is manifested in our working style and professional solution delivery.

Process driven approach: Infovinity follows a process driven approach which ensures a perfect application development, we focus on

  • Available Alternatives
  • Selection
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Delivery
  • Feedback
  • Updation

Array of Pricing Model

We understand every project has different economic and social surroundings of operations. We value concept; not size of the organization, depending upon user requirement we provide multiple pricing model.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our solutions are not rigid they are flexible enough to adapt to the changing business scenarios quickly. Scalability is one of the defining pillars of our solution delivery model which defies the notion of being big or small.

Guaranteed Value creation

Our team of experts has always believed in mingling creativity with their experience, which offers a long lasting value addition to the project at hand. We always believed in providing an extra edge to your dreams with our creativity.

Industry Recognized

Our products have gained us the reputation of leading IT solution providers.