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Harness the power of social media; gain a strong web presence with unmatched prominence, integrity, and authority in the market. Our effective social media integration services at Infovinity empower you to earn an edge and stay ahead of your competitors. The ever-growing social media has emerged as one of the largest advertising platforms on the Internet today, providing you umpteen opportunities to promote your brand across global audience and maximize your reach and visibility. We integrate your website with popular social media sites, expanding your reach and prominence in the market.

Develop and Manage Profiles

To maximize your reach and online presence, and to provide a platform to communicate effectively with your target audience, we will create a compelling and relevant business profile on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. We also help in managing your social profile, integrating it with other profiles to maximize your reach and regularly updating it to remain in vogue.

Tracking and Statistics

Our responsibility doesn't ends with creating your social profile. We also use advanced tools and techniques to track the success rate and reach of your profile, presenting analytical reports and statistics on number of visits per day, activities of visitors on your profile, and other important factors that are critical in decision making.

Allow Social Logins

After creating your profile in major social media networks, we allow social logins and integration to maximize your reach and visibility. We create a unique user ID and password that enables you to login into your social profile, change, update, and manage the same as per your unique needs and preferences.

Make Content Shareable

Across all your social media profiles, we make the content easily shareable by your visitors. More the number of shares, better is your online penetration and reach. For this, it is important to post interesting, high quality, and relevant content so that it can be shared more by your visitors, thus.

Incorporate Facebook Reviews

Facebook is the one of the most widely popular social networking sites today. Considering this fact, we integrate your website or other social profiles with Facebook to allow the users to comment, review, and share their ideas via this popular social media platform. This way, Infovinity maximizes your reach and authority in social media.

Embed Videos When Appropriate

Wherever relevant, Infovinity also embeds high quality, compelling videos to improve the popularity and reach of your social profile or website. Excellent and interesting YouTube videos are just the perfect way to attract increased web traffic and generate qualified leads.