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Illustration marketing is one of the most prominent and attractive medium of digital marketing. Not only it has a greater visual effect on the consumers, but also helps you engage your target audience in a much more interactive manner, which in turn results in better brand value. We help you design your campaigns as per your brand identity to make sure you benefit the most from it.


Infovinity has a very good creative studio with a bunch of creative people. At Infovinity, we believe that every photo has the beginning of a story that needs to first grab the attention of consumers, and draw them into your brand to keep them coming back. Our highly trained photographers are the best in the business; they're truly passionate about travel, hospitality and photography.

    Our specialties include

  • Architectural and Interior Photography
  • Digital Photography on Product Demonstration
  • Photography on Branding

Digital Publishing

We help you put together your written, video and audio material, which is a much better form of presenting your work. Not only it is, environmental friendly, but also a quicker means to reach your target audience. A revolutionary tool for artists and writers, which gives them an advantage over paper publishing because of the ability to easily embed html links into the text, it offers the reader the advantage of not just viewing the specified publication, but the ability to go many other places from the same source. Thus, a bigger market reach!

Online Advertising

Also referred as web marketing or i-marketing, there are a lot many ways in online advertising, via which you can build up the brand value of the product that you are offering. Manual advertisement, paid articles, affiliate marketing, e-mailers and pay per click are few of the many options that can help you promote your product or services to the World Wide Web.

Interactive CD Presentation

An interactive CD, without a doubt, is a major advantage when you're marketing a product/service/company to a niche audience in order to create awareness about your brand. Easy to distribute, it is very useful for in-house presentations, business conferences, marketing your products & services. Not only we can reproduce any number of copies as per your requirements, we can also help you with a custom print on the CD to give it that fine finish.


Infovinity has a highly creative graphic design team. It produces great results by artistically blending marketing strategy, personality-rich, customer-driven copy writing, and cost-effective graphic design to engage and educate and to move the audience to action as well.
We encourage you to check out our print and graphic design portfolio to browse project samples, or schedule a free one hour consultation to turn your ideas into a custom proposal.

    Our specialties include

  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • In House brochure
  • Leave Behind Brochure
  • Direct Mail Post Cards