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John Crane / Smiths Inc. (Document Management Application)

January 2012

Enterprise-level training document management system (DMS) as a core application within multi-site intranet platform for managing training manuals, instructions, QA formats etc.

John Crane (Part of Smiths Inc) with more than 20 manufacturing sites in 15 countries, 235+ sales and service facilities in 50+ countries.

Application offers robust permissions, indexing, document tagging, searching, customized workflows, the ability to preview documents in the browser in a revolutionary flipping magazine format.

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory allows John Crane administrators to authenticate users to log into DMS using their Windows login name and password. Users can also log in to DMS automatically once they log in to their Windows session.

Smith's Administrators can assign individual users, groups or roles within the intranet system with the required level of document rights (permissions). These rights determine users' ability to view the documents.

Multiple DMS Editors can add/edit, move or delete a document, assign permissions or alter metadata.

During the document upload process, a document can either inherit the permissions previously assigned to its parent folder or be individually specified.

Intranet users can view a document's content, images and layout without having to download it as it can be viewed in the user's browser. The document preview functionality also allows intranet users to search the document's content for particular keywords or phrases, without the need to download. This further supports efficient document searching and enhances the experience of all employees using the company's intranet.

The secure system includes full searching of the content of all document files, as well as comprehensive metadata - allocated according to record type - to ensure information is easily categorized and retrievable. Particular filters can be specified to ensure whether the rapid location of the necessary documents is achieved or not.